Streatham Lock-down Diaries:

Life-Stories from Streatham in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has touched all our lives this year, and to reflect the times, Streatham Festival is supporting an important social history project.

Lambeth residents are being asked for their personal accounts of their everyday lives since the Lockdown in March.


A Creative Contribution

Streatham Festival wants to focus on this moment in history, by encouraging a creative response from the community, and presents Streatham Lock-down Diaries, a project for all living through coronavirus in Streatham, inviting them to contribute and share their experiences. 

These can take the form of:

  • written word: diaries, journals, letters, blogs
  • visual image: photographic, scrapbooks, film, paintings
  • object: 3-D art-work, crafts, accessories
  • ephemera: leaflets, news cuttings, cartoons, government instructions
  • audio and oral: sound recordings, songs, poems, speeches, thoughts and prayers



The Streatham Society are supporting this project. The Society, working closely with the team at Lambeth Archives, will assist in curating Streatham’s social history; for the enjoyment of those who live, work or study in Streatham today and also providing a historical record of the pandemic for the benefit of Streatham’s future generations.

  • We are dedicating this webpage to the project, to showcase some of your contributions, and we welcome contributions from guest bloggers.
  • We are looking for amateur curators to help the archives team to make sense of it all!
  • Longer-term plans for the collection, include exhibitions and events, and we’d like your ideas on these.

How To Take part

Email and send a copy to to let us know what you want to contribute. Please mention ‘STREATHAM LOCKDOWN’ in your email.

Lambeth Archives

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