Streatham Festival Policies


We value your trust and support. Being transparent, helpful and user-friendly is our objective on this page.


We are becoming a CIO (what’s that?)


We’d like Streatham Festival to become a registered community organisation with charity status in time for StreatFest22. This is going to mean a lot of work between now and then. As a registered charity, this means:


  • We’ll let you read all our relevant policies and procedures here, and comment on them – we’d rather know if there’s something that is unclear or doesn’t make sense to you.
  • We’ll aim to share valuable resources, such as training sessions and materials, examples of good practice and lessons learned with local community groups.
  • We are looking for volunteers with professional charity governance, fundraising, community / youth work and volunteer management experience to join us.




Photography & Filming Policy

The specific purpose of this policy statement is to safeguard all participants (including children, young people and vulnerable adults) in Streatham Festival’s ‘Eye on Streatham’ photography events, workshops and activities, where photographs and videos may be taken and shared, within the following context of this document.

PDF_SF_Photo-Film Workshops Policy statement v.1


For use with Participants of Streatham Festival’s (Eye on Streatham) photography / film / video workshops.

PDF_SF Photo Consent Guidance Notes v.1 (1)