Be An event partner

Event Partners

Streatham Festival provides a platform for talented people to share their creative abilities.  The Festival features walks, talks, art, music, comedy, theatre and more.  The Festival Board can help you bring your ideas to life.

If you think you have something to share and want to put on an event at this years Festival, please do get in touch with us.

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be a volunteer


We really do welcome local people who are willing to share some of their time to help the Streatham Festival.

Organisation of the Festival runs over a period of about ten months so we are looking for people who can help for longer periods and also for those that might have specific skills that can just drop in and out as required.   Whatever your skill level, we can put it to good use.

This can be a great opportunity for younger people to be part of an events team which can then be shared with prospective employers as evidence of your abilities.

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Be a sponsor


What better way to get your business noticed than being one of our sponsors at the 2018 Streatham Festival.

The Festival is incredibly efficient with budget and therefore even contributions at the smaller end which are entirely affordable really make their mark for us and for you. Sponsorship packages start from £500 and for this, not only are you helping to support an an amazing series of events but for you as a business, your name gets seen by tens of thousands of Streatham and near Streatham residents.

Being part of a creative arts Festival ensures that your business is seen as being a core part of the close, thriving and growing community that makes up Streatham.

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