Streatham Festival Volunteers

We’re looking forward to meeting You!

As Streatham looks forward to this year’s Festival, we are looking for volunteers. Come and join us!

We are looking for volunteers with professional charity governance, fundraising, community / youth work and volunteer management experience to join us.

Streatham Festival volunteers

WE WANT YOU as a new recruit!

Streatham Festival wants to attract Volunteers from all walks of life.

It’s important that everyone feels they are part of Streatham Festival, and we need Volunteers from all walks of life to join us, to make it happen.

Why volunteer with us?

  • Meet new people
  • Discover Streatham, and your community
  • Learn some new skills 
  • Build your confidence


Streatham Festival volunteers

We welcome all local people who are willing to give some of their time to help The Streatham Festival

Festival planning takes about ten months, so we’re looking for some people who can commit to this period of time, as well as those with specific skills or interests who can commit a few months, weeks or days. Whatever your previous skills or experience, we can offer you a role.

It’s a great opportunity for younger people to be part of a project, which can then be shared with prospective employers as evidence of your abilities.

FAQs & FEstival Volunteer Roles

VOLUNTEER induction & Support
  • Volunteers will receive an initial induction covering volunteer basics and health and safety.
  • Certain roles may require additional training, which volunteers will be asked to complete.
  • We’ll organise any training that is needed and keep a record of all volunteer training.
  • Streatham Festival actively supports young people, whose volunteering contributes towards work experience, DoE Award Scheme, vocational qualifications.
How we work with our volunteers
  • We recruit volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and we welcome all abilities.
  • We make sure there is a role for everyone so that anyone who wants to can apply.
  • We work hard to make reasonable adjustments for anyone with a disability who would like to volunteer with us.
Festival committee - New roles!!!
 We are currently looking for people with the following skills and experience:

  • Festival Digital Volunteers

    We’re looking for 2 Volunteers with some digital comms savvy and excellent local knowledge to help with Festival PR, social media and web content.

    Role #1: Twitter, Insta and FB +

    Role #2: WordPress, Mailchimp and Google admin

  • Would suit people recently completing a digital content manager course / Virtual Assistant specialising in digital content and comms.

  • You’ll need to be responsive during the run-up to the Festival and between 8 – 17 Oct. Local knowledge and community interests are important.

  • Anyone with an interest and experience in SurveyMonkey or similar would be very welcome to tag along!

    Sign up using the Volunteer Here button above

    And in other news .. we are also looking for volunteers with:

  • Charity Governance / Finance Management
  • Community Outreach / Youth Work experience
  • Events Management / H&S, Risk and First Aid
  • Administration 
  • We’re looking for someone to lead on Youth and grow a stellar cast of volunteers to support them!
  • Youth Lead: You will be a young person (18 – 24), who has some experience of team working.
Children & Families - NEW ROLES!!!
  •  Streatham Festival Families Volunteers

    Various events and locations during the Festival dates.

     We’re looking for a couple of friendly locals – to help promote and attend our Families and Children’s events.

    You will be our ambassadors helping to engage parents/carers and ensure everyone has a great time at the events!

  • Local parents/carers would be great candidates.

  • Sign up using the Volunteer Here button above

  • There are 2 Families Festival Volunteer  positions.

  • Over 18s only please

  • Events Management / H&S, Risk and First Aid
  • Events Volunteer roles including Ticketing, Welcome Check In, Stewards, First Aiders, Event Setter-uppers & Cleaner-uppers
  • Liaison with local businesses to promote the Festival
  • Getting the Festival Programme into print with Jane 
  • Flyer distribution
  • Decking the high street with flags, banners and bunting with Robert
  • Helping to develop fundraising strategies
  • Planning and running fundraising activities
  • Readers, writers, illustrators had better get in touch with Hannah.
  • Local reading and literacy groups are especially welcome.
Concerts & GIGs - NEW ROLES!!!
  • Streatham Strut – Wanna be a Festival Roadie?

    You need only do it once with the Strut to earn your Roadie badge. It’s 10 bands in 10 venues in 10 hours !!!

    Sign up using the Volunteer Here button above

    There are 2 Volunteer Roadie positions. Over 18s only please.

    We need:

    • 2 Volunteers (18+)
    • seriously committed to music 
    • seriously committed to ensuring everything runs like clockwork on Sat 9th October between 12:30 and 23:00
    • Shift 1: 12:30 – 18:00
    • Shift 2: 18:00 – 23:00
    • Local knowledge of Streatham High Road and its hostelries would be a real asset, as is knowing a bit about the bands and artists in advance
    • You should be willing and able to help move furniture and equipment at the venues
    • Strut organisers, Andy and David will have an informal chat with you – that’s the interview bit.
  • Art Exhibition Set Up, Welcome Check In, Invigilators
  • Creation of StreatArt 21 Catalogue with Jo
  • Photography Eye on Streatham Event Stewards will be working with Anne-Marie, Mark, and Phil.