It’s the the second year of Eye on Streatham, our Photography Festival for 2021 and this is something that everyone can be part of.
This is for all levels of photographer from absolute beginners upwards and we actively welcome all ages to join.  All you need is an interest in photography, a sense of fun and adventure and we’ll have something for you. 


Running from July to the main Festival event in October, we are going to be running a series of online and (hopefully) in person events for photographers. Events that we have planned include:


  • Light Painting
  • Life Up Close with Macro – See images taken from our first event here
  • Cityscapes and Architecture
  • Exploring Studio Photography
  • Shooting Live Music
  • Home Photography Projects


  • Astrophotography with Jeremy Phillips
  • Photo Editing for Beginners & Upwards
  • Life as a Model – Tips for Photographers
  • Better Smartphone Photography Tips
  • How to Take Great Portraits
  • Helpful Photo Critiques 



Eye on Streatham is holding a competition and we are asking for entries in the following categories: 

1. Summer in Streatham;

2. Nature in Streatham;

3. Portraits in and around Streatham.

 We’ll also split submissions / winners into under and over 16 year old photographers.  There will be prizes for category winners and we look to hang these in local venues.  Details on all this will follow soon.

LDN Photography lead with this element of the Festival with some events based at their photo studio in Empire Arches, Streatham.  

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Teach kids Photography

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Photography Projects for Home

LDN Photography LDN Photography, Maan Studios, Watts Mews off Conyers RoadStreatham,

This workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in creating their own at home photo projects   We'll be teaching you how to create your own exciting photo projects […]


Painting with Light – You are the Artist!

The Rookery Cafe Streatham Common SouthLONDON,

An opportunity to explore the abstract world of light painting. This fun workshop is a new addition to Streatham Festival and promises to bring out the creative side of every […]


Lightroom Workshop – From basics upwards

Online Event

Join this free workshop led by LDN Photography to learn the basics of Adobe Lightroom to manage and enhance your images. This online workshop will allow you to understand the […]


Bring New Life To Old Photographs

Online Event

Petra and Phil will be teaching how to bring new life to old photos using Adobe Photoshop in this online workshop In this online workshop, Petra Gent and Phil Moran, […]



Aneesa Dawoojee

Aneesa Dawoojee

Aneesa is a Streatham based social documentary and portrait photographer. Her work was recently awarded a Fellowship by the British Institute of...

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Sukhy Hullait

Sukhy Hullait

Sukhy is a portrait and documentary photographer based in London. He makes long-form photostories about marginalised people, often inspired by...

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Petra Eujane

Petra Eujane

Petra is a Streatham based performance and portrait photographer. Her live music images are mainly focused on upcoming artists playing in small...

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Peter Neill

Peter Neill

Peter is a Music Industry Video Director & Photographer. Clients include Queen, Justin Timberlake, The Script, U2, Will.iI.am, Sony, Colombia...

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Mark Hambelton

Mark Hambelton

Mark Hambelton has been taking pictures of London architecture, street scenes, weddings and fashion shows for over 10 years. Mark founded LDN...

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Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy Phillips is intoxicated by astrophotography's cocktail of art, science and wonderment. Most of his images are taken from light-polluted...

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Phil Moran

Phil Moran

Phil is a local photographer based near Streatham Common and has been a resident of the area for 14 years. His main area of interest is events...

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Some of our online events have been recorded and you can view them here.

Peter Neill, of Shoot the Sound, photographer and videographer to some of the biggest names in the music business shares background to his career as well as sharing tips for those looking to get into this area.

Jeremy Phillips, @jezbackyardastro created this workshop aimed at anyone who is interested in taking wonderful pictures of the night sky. It charts a journey beginning with the cheapest equipment – your mobile phone and an £80 telescope – showing how you can shoot the moon, capturing its craters and beautiful features, even from a light-polluted urban setting. The journey progresses to shooting nebulas – beautiful, colourful clouds of gas and interstellar dust, thousands of light years away. Then it ventures deeper into space, revealing how galaxies millions of light years away can be captured.


We had some really great entries into the 2020 Eye of Streatham Photography Competition.  This event showcased the talent that we have in our community.  The quality of the entries from our younger entrants was very impressive!

Winners were

  • Zac Simpson – Autumnal Streatham under 16s
  • Olivia Simpson- Nature in Streatham under 16s
  • Hope Whittaker- Pet Portraits under 16s.  Hope’s Mentor @alfiebowen
  • Hope Whittaker -Overall Winner under 16s
  • Petra Eujane – Nature in Streatham over 16s @petraeujane
  • Sarah Simpson – Autumnal Streatham over 16s
  • Mark Bery -Portrait over 16s @markbery
  • Greg Marshall – Street Photography over 16s @gjmarshall_photo
  • Mark Bery – Overall winner over 16s @streathamsoc