Dance Extravaganza

There is going to be a Dance Extravaganza at Immanuel at St Andrews Church featuring 6 Dance Troupes.


Want to learn some awesome street dance moves?

This one hour FREE workshop will give 7-12 year olds a taste of contemporary street dance (age appropriate, of course!) so they can go away with new found confidence on the dance floor! It’s a free event for up to 20 children and it will be taught by a professional dancer.



A different style of dance class providing fun and exercise to help improve your health and well-being.

The academy’s aims are to provide a happy, friendly environment in which pupils will enjoy learning and be inspired to achieve results of the highest possible standards and where the emphasis is on learning and enjoying dance steps.


Flamenco Dance Workshop

Come and enjoy an exhilerating taster of this exciting dance form

This FREE 1 hour workshop is open to all the family: men and women, boys and girls of all ages and abilites are WELCOME. As Flamenco is not a partner dance you can come along with as many friends as you wish, and all of you will learn to dance with poise, power and panache!

You’ll also develop your co-ordination, make friends and learn some Spanish phrases along the way!

Swing Out & Shimmy

Swing out & Shimmy are passionate about vintage and retro dances from the 20’s to the 80’s

They provide dance classes, performances, demonstrations and social dancing around London, our venues are handpicked for great locations and atmosphere.

Their website is