Art 23 – ART TRAIL

Streatham’s art trail 6th – 20th October, showcases works by talented local artists in shops, businesses, and other spaces in and around the A23. Over 40 artists and poets employing the written word, paint, photography, print, collage, installation art, art classes and demonstrations across 28 venues through Streatham. #Art23

Download the Art23 guide here or find it in this month’s Heart Streatham magazine.

Download the Art23 guide here or find it in this month’s Heart Streatham magazine.

Map shows venues and artists exhibiting, more information below.

Margo Random

Common Cafe
13 Greyhound lane
SW16 5NP

Fiammetta Alley & Maggie Williams

Medi World
442 Streatham high road
SW16 3PX

Spires Service Users Artwork

Anthony Gold Solicitors
496 Streatham high road
SW16 3PX

Susanna Abel

The Mere Scribbler
426 Streatham High Road SW16 3PX

Melanie Russell & Bernadette Blue

Funky Medusa
5 Greyhound lane SW16 5NP

Larry O'Donnel

Jasmine Studios
4 Greyhound lane SW16 5SD

Magalena Mahar

Doris Florist
8 Greyhound lane SW16 5SD

Damian Woodford

The Railway
2 Greyhound lane SW16 5SD

Art Workshops - 6th Oct

Typography in Art Workshop
By Trapped in Zone One
Meeting room 2
Art Class
By Nishad Karin
Meeting room 3

Tate Library
63 Streatham high road SW16 1PN

Nikki Hafter

Thomas Clarke Dry Cleaners
48-50 Sunnyhill rd SW16 2UH

Virginia Waterhouse

M W Solictors
211-213 Streatham high road SW16 6EG

Katherine Forster

Brickwood Cafe
292 Streatham high road SW16 6HG

Graham Hunter

Charles Carter Hair
302 Streatham high road SW16 6HG

Yaheya Pasha

Cafe Barcelona
344 Streatham high road SW16 6HH

Sally O'Sullivan

Occasional Books
93 Streatham vale SW16 5SQ

Odette Mystrion & Adam Mason (Onus)

Deli Lama
241 Streatham high road SW16 6EN

Lynn Selwyn-Reeves, Nishad Karin, Iain Selwyn-Reeves, Sinead Taylor, Eleanor Dare, Sarah Ollerenshaw, Alex Rennie, Margo Random

E & A Water
82-84 Mitcham lane road SW16 6NR

Martin Grover

Winkworths estate agents
46-50 Streatham Hill SW2 4RD


Batch & Co
54 Streatham Hill SW2 4RD

Christina Mitrentse

Emma Estates
68 Streatham Hill SW2 4RD

Robert Mitchell

Lala Cafe
90 Streatham Hill SW2 4RD

Ian Mowforth

Dr Doolittle
57-59 Streatham Hill SW2 4RT

Krystal Wong

The Hood
67 Streatham Hill

Nick Efstathiou

Balfe Bikes
87 Streatham hill SW2 4UB

Sophie M Cook, Annabel Harrison, Roz Berkeley-Hill & Abi Tennear

Open House
44 Mount Ephrain rd
SW16 1LW

Annabel Harrison

Open house
45 Mount Ephrain rd
SW16 1LW

Martin Sharpe

The Indigo Tree
30 The High Parade
SW16 1EX

Graham Hunter

Charles Clarke Hair
302 Streatham high rd
SW16 6HH

Art Loan

Sat 20th Oct
the Living Room
19 Thrale rd
SW16 1NS


Streatham Poets

Look out for these local poets and wordsmiths along the trail. You will find works written by Sarah Hunter, Gavin Mysterion, Zsa Zsa, Madam HiFi, Graham Hunter and Spires service users.

Streatham Tate Library events – Sat 6th October

Typography in Art Workshop By Trapped in Zone One
12pm – 4pm – Meeting room 2

Art Class By Nishad Karin
Meeting room 3
12-30pm – 1.30pm, 2pm – 3pm

Film – Malgorzata Bialokoz-Smith – The Artist’s Life
Meeting Room 1
2pm & 3pm

Sprout Art Loan – Sat 20th Oct

The Living Room 19 Thrale rd, SW16 1NS
1pm – 6pm
Members of Sprout Community Arts will be able to borrow original works of art for three months and pay nothing.



Filmmaker Maj Jukic presents: Malgorzata Bialokoz-Smith - The Artist’s Life "Malgorzata Bialokoz-Smith - The Artist's Life" is a short documentary about a local painter and an artist whose life turns out to be an almost epic journey of ups and downs and how art helped...

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Martin paints in acrylic on canvas. He builds the canvases himself to enable him to create specific sizes. His record paintings, which he calls his 'Flat Still Lives', are painted from life. The landscapes and cityscapes are painted from observational drawings and his...

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Born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1979, I recall drawing from an early age; obsessively drawing and re-drawing pictures, trying to achieve perfect scale and interesting ways of devising images. Through this compulsive process, and drawing on my education in...

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Christina Mitrentse is a multidisciplinary artist, educator and independent Curator.  She is known for constructing narratives and poetic ensembles of Libraries/Archives, through manifold processes of vintage book-sculpture, drawing, screen-printing maps, and...

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Larry O'Donnel 'We Dance' Jasmin Studio 4 Greyhound Lane SW16 5SD Robert Mitchell 'Manifesto' Lal Cafe 90 Streatham Hill SW2 4RD Look out of local poets and wordsmiths on the art trail. You will find works written by Sharon Hunter, Gavin Mysterion, Zsa Zsa, Madame...

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Ian Mowforth has spent more than 30 years painting and drawing. Mowforth is a painter of figurative subjects. He paints the things he loves. Animals feature, with dogs being a primary interest. Flowers are also a huge interest as he is fascinated by how colour works...

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Krystal Wong is a illustrator, graphic designer and artist, with a love for candy pop colours. Pulling inspiration from childhood memories, her home town of South London and vivid colors found in life and nature. Email

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Through my practice, it is my aim to capture the movement of running and inspire people to take on their marathon whatever that might be. This chapter of my work starts in 2014 where I ran my first marathon. I injured myself and had to wobble the last five miles and...

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Magdalena Jukić is a 29 years old Polish artist. Although working as a full-time pharmacist painting had always been her first love and passion. She moved to Streatham three years ago and after marrying a Slovenian film director she became interested in the subject of...

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OPEN HOUSE : 45 Mount Ephraim Lane

Three very talented artists present their artwork at an Open House event.   45 Mount Ephraim Lane, SW16 1JE Opening night is on the 5th October between 7pm and 9.30pm. Hours are then 10am - 6pm on the 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th October. Sophie M Cook Website :...

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It's a great time to be a photographer as more and more people are interested in photography and recognise good (and not so good) pictures. I hope my pictures convey my enthusiasm for my subjects. I ask myself two primary questions when taking pictures. The first is,...

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Learn about typography in art with this workshop headed by Trapped in Zone One and Millsnic. 12pm to 4pm on the 6th October Millsnic is a Streatham based typography artist and the workshop will be open to the whole community on a first come first served basis starting...

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London-based artist and performer. Member of collectives Loki and Topical Jungle. Shortlisted for the Woolgather Art Prize 2011. Work is playful/ absurd/ uncanny use of existing objects/ materials, especially multiples Medium:      sculpture/ installation            ...

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Virginia Waterhouse's work is inspired by fragmentary memories and imagination: a glimpsed landscape, a striking shadow, a line of poetry, a poignant musical moment. Her partly abstracted images using vibrant colours or stark monochromes play with scale to create a...

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I am currently endeavouring to narrate and express visually human feelings and relationships.  The medium I am exploring is plaster, I like the natural elements of the material, and look to investigate more contemporary ways in which it can be applied. The space I...

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Graham Allen Hunter (born 6 February 1963 in Southampton) is an English artist and alumni of Wimbledon School of Art, U.A.L. Graham has lived in Streatham for 30 years living in The Hill, Central, Common and Vale. Graham is a gallerist at Graham Hunter Gallery, Baker...

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Yaheya has lived in Streatham for the past 25 years. She has been passionate about drawing and colour since childhood which led to her studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design from where she graduated with a (BA Hons) degree. Horses...

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My ink pieces are created through a musical landscape that involves years spent travelling around Mexico, India, South-East Asia, New Zealand and my native Australia. I never begin a piece with a finished form or structure in my mind, rather letting both my...

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My work finds hidden positive and important messages in dark and disturbing circumstances... I can find beauty in darkness and joy from nightmares. Something that's needed now more than ever. After much confused opinion about my work. I feel now is the era to...

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Lynn studied Visual Communications before becoming a home furnishings buyer. She is now is a full-time photographer and illustrator living and working in Furzedown. Lynn loves digital photography, especially the editing process as a medium for abstracting everyday...

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Nishad Karim was born in Trinidad and Tobago. He has been a qualified teacher for the past 14 years and graduated with a B.A. Special in Visual Arts from the University of the West Indies, Trinidad. His landscapes emanate a fresh and inviting feeling. Over the years...

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Iain has lived in Furzedown for almost 20 years and is a full-time interiors photographer by day. In recent years Iain has developed a distinct range of photographic artwork. Each piece starts with an original high-resolution photograph of a location, which is then...

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Sinead is a printmaker and illustrator, mum of two and former picture editor, based in South East London. Sinead started out about four years ago & have been silk screen printing my own limited edition designs by hand ever since. She loves exploring new areas and...

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Eleanor Dare was born in South London in the 1960s. She has a degree in painting from Wimbledon School of Art as well as studying sound design and computer programming at the University of the Arts and Goldsmiths, Department of Computing. She is the Head of Programme...

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Alex Rennie was born in London in 1977. He has exhibited widely, both internationally and domestically, including a solo Cork Street show with Waterhouse & Dodd. Rennie’s work has been selected for several competitions including the John Moores painting prize, the...

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Artist Nishad Karim will be hosting two still life drawing workshops at the Streatham Tate Library Saturday 6th October.  The first is at 12.30pm and the second at 2.00pm. Both run for one hour. The sessions will mainly focus on composition and depth cues for more...

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Influenced by a love of the natural world and all its raw beauty, my work focuses on wildlife and the human form and varies from the majesty of a bird of prey in flight to the disciplined focus of a trained boxer.  Medium: graphite, aquarelle and metallic inks...

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“…[Williams] explores the intersection between fine art and popular culture, without wasting time in callous irony. Her work is fresh and often surprising, with a cleverness which is both humane and devastatingly well observed.”  - Gillian McIver, Studio 75 Medium:...

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Since graduating from St Martins in 1980, taking in life experiences and travels, particularly in Africa. Her work ranges from the light-hearted and humorous right through to meditations on the nature of mortality, movement and ability; from colourful linocuts and...

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Oil paintings with an abstract sensibility and love of colour. These paintings are derived from travels in Barbados and Sri Lanka. Oil on canvas, oil on paper Email Website

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Visual artist living and working in London. Working mostly in painting, collage, drawing and cardboard constructions. Interested in shape, colour, materials & spacial ambiguity. Summer Pudding, 2011, Oil on board, 30 x 26.5 cm  Trifle, 2011, Oil on board, 32 x 29...

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Homemade bread is my main sculptural material of choice but I use multiple materials and techniques (2D and 3D), hence, I am quite flexible in adjusting to the place which I may be assigned to and necessities of the people involved. Through the use of materials such...

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Magdalena Del Mar is an artist based in London/Streatham Common. She gained her art education and early experience in Poland. Since arriving to the UK over 10 years ago she has regularly exhibited in and around South West London. The work that Magdalena will present...

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I was born in Beverley, East Yorkshire and graduated from Lancaster University in 1994 with a degree in English Literature. I have exhibited my work professionally throughout England since completing my Master of Arts in Painting at York University in 1999, organising...

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Sally O’Sullivan, featured local artist aka 'The Book Wrecker’ Website: Facebook: Sally O’Sullivan The Book Wrecker @SallyOSullivanBookWrecker Venue: We will stage the exhibition at Occasional Books, 93 Streatham Vale, London.  Occasional...

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Sat 20th Oct – The Living Room 1pm - 6pm The Art Loan initiative is simple, members of Sprout Community Arts will be able to borrow original works of art for three months and pay nothing, the artwork will then be available for someone else. Artworks on show at The...

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