Information about submitting events

Streatham Festival is your festival and is made up of a wide variety of events.  The ‘Submit Event‘ page allows you to provide details to the Festival team who review your event in the first instance, ask questions and then go live!  We have some common Q&A’s listed below but please do get in touch with any queries.  The Festival team are here to help and support and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Q. How do I submit an event?

A.On the website, go to the ‘Submit an Event’ page.

You will need to provide details of your event such as title, description, time and date(s) and images that you would like to use.  It also asks for details of the organiser, cost of the event (free or paying), venue details and website.

The more information you provide, the more your intended audience can understand your event which helps get them signed-up.  Images are very useful as well as any YouTube videos so please do include with the submission.

The Festival team review all Event submissions before they are posted on the live site and they will ask you questions if anything is not clear.  Once your event is submitted, you can change details at any point by contacting the Festival team

Q. Can you do it all for me please?

A.The Festival team are here to help you submit your events but we would like you to input details of your own event in the first instance.  The Festival team review all submissions before publishing on the live site and they will be in contact if anything is not clear.

If you would like to contact the Festival team beforehand, please just email

Q. My event doesn't have a venue yet, what should I do?

A. You may wish to publicise your event where venue details are still be firmed up.  If this is the case, use ‘Streatham Festival’ from the dropdown and this can be changed at a later point.  However, it is important that all event details are completed as soon as possible.

Once you have input all further details and press the ‘Submit Event’ button, one of our Festival website gurus will review your submission.  If they have any questions, they will respond to you directly using the contact details that you provided.

Q. What if I have multiple events?

A.On the ‘Submit an Event’ you will notice a button allowing you to submit the same event on multiple dates.

If you are having any issues with creating multiple entries, email and the team will be happy to help.

Q. Can my event feature at the top of the page?

A.It isn’t possible to feature individual events over other events.  However, our media team will be busy before and throughout the Festival making sure the word goes out about the exciting line-up we have planned.

Any news updates about your event that you believe would be interesting for your audience can be sent to who will forward onto our social media team.  We are also able to provide updates the news feed on the website.

Q. How do I submit an image for my event?

A. We need a high quality image for your event so we can promote it both online and potentially in print.

Think carefully about the image that you submit as it immediatley tells a story about the event you are putting on and first impressions really count!

This submission needs to be a high resolution image.  A high resolution image would usually have 300 DPI and long edge 1,800 pixels.  There is some information provided here on image resolution as well as in the video below.

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you.  Contact the Festival team by providing some details of your query, details of who you are and your email using the contact form.

It also asks a tricky maths question just to make sure you are real so get your brain in gear!

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