I’m Ebony, a self-taught acrylic pour artist.
I’m South London born and raised, and have been living in Streatham for the past 13 years.
I came upon acrylic pouring a few years ago and it has been really therapeutic for me in dealing with CFS.
I love the randomness and surprise element of an acrylic pour; no two are ever the same and I still get a thrill seeing how each piece turns out.
I am inspired by nature and there is a very natural aspect to a pour where it can really look like swirling water, molten rock, minerals, cells or atmosphere.
I embellish some of my pieces with leaves and animals which adds more of a recognised form to the chaotic feel of the pour.
There is so much that can be done with this style of art and I’m excited to continue to learn and try out new things.

Social media:https://instagstagram.com./ebbie.pours.her.art.out

Venue and address:  The Monkey Leaf Café  UNIT 9, Leigham High Road, SW16 1DR