Jana Rychvalska is a Slovakian born artist living in London since 1995. Her professional background is in architecture, and scaping and horticulture. She studied arts in Slovakia and created pieces all her life, but it is only since 2020 she decided to showcase her abstract work publicly.  Many compare her work to Gustav Klimt or stained glass windows. Others see patchworks of land or buildings as if seen from the plane, or vivid colours of Africa and dotted aboriginal influences.They are all true, especially because Jana would never question of how others see or perceive her artwork. She starts by selecting her colour palette, which often is a combination of vivid colours and almost always with a touch of gold-leaf and enamels. Her artwork is created whilst listening to classical music, the only music which she finds suitable for capturing her creativity, feelings, her colour perception and freedom of expressing herself.


Venue name & address:  The Frame Factory  1E Gleneagle Road, SW16 6AX