I was first drawn to working with glass through seeing a documentary film about leaded glass windows, as seen most commonly in churches. An experimental one day taster course with an artist in Brighton left me completely hooked, and encouraged me to seek out further training. However, the regular class at Richmond Adult College introduced me to a different glass process which I have been obsessed with ever since i.e glass fusing. This entails pieces of glass being assembled, as in a collage, and heated to a very high temperature in a kiln, so that the glass softens and the pieces are fused together.  

I now have my own kiln, turning a room in my Streatham Hill flat into a workshop. I have had my glass pictures exhibited and sold in the Mall Galleries, St James, SW1, in Sprout Art Gallery SW15, the Woodfield Pavilion SW16 and previous Streatham Festivals.

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