Agnieszka considers herself to be a self-taught artist. Born in Krakow her very missed country Poland, now living in London for the last 20 years she is focussed on creating an art work with intense colours and contrast.  She is passionate about painting and she puts her interest mostly in landscapes and still life, working with oils and acrylics. Agnieszka takes her inspiration from nature, skies, sea and anything really what unveils colour and light to her eyes.  She can’t focus on any particular subject matter as she says ‘there is too much beauty around us to reject any”. She likes the play between shadows and light. The natural world is constantly driving her creativeness where she feels irresistible temptation to repaint this on canvas.  Trying to be accurate, but never perfect or above the natural beauty. Agnieszka promised herself never to put down the brush  and always  believe  in magic of art.

Venue names and addresses:
The Common Cafe   13 Greyhound Lane, SW16 5NP
The Railway   2 Greyhound Lane, SW16 5SD