Ronnie Hackston is an artist and photographer based in South London. Originally hailing from the North-East of England, he moved to London in the 1980s to study art at the University of Roehampton. After a 30-year career in magazine publishing, Ronnie has in recent years returned to painting full-time, and now exhibits his work regularly.

Primarily concerned with the English landscape, Ronnie’s work often focuses on distant vistas and the effects of light and weather, and is both developed through objective drawing and mediated through memories and imagination. Elements featured vary from Neolithic monuments and natural forms to modern cityscapes. Ronnie works in a variety of media from acrylics and oils to photography and digitally manipulated imagery.



Insta: @hackstonr

Winkworth Estate Agents 46-50 Streatham Hill, SW2 4RD
St Leonard’s Church Streatham, SW16 1HS