Lizita is an artist and designer from Meissen, Germany. Coming from a family of artists, she has always loved drawing, developing her own drawing style in her early years. She studied fashion design at the  University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Germany, during which time her artworks were featured in several publications.
Her fine art practice specialises in the creation of figurative illustrations and portraits, which she aims to develop into moving-image and video art. With a focus on the human face, it is her passion to capture emotiveness, creating a crossover of the archaic and the contemporary. Combining art with fashion, Lizita’s works are developed in several stages, a journey starting from a pencil sketch and leading into the realm of digital storytelling. The synergy of manual and digital drawing techniques creates a multi-layered communication within and between her pieces which bears witness to a high-emotional expressiveness.

Venue name and address:  I Love Coffee 126 Streatham High Road, SW16 1BW