Bren’s fused glass art

A resident of Streatham Hill for 40 years, Brenda Keyte was a librarian in her paid working life, but was drawn to glass art after, by chance, seeing a TV programme about Stained Glass. She was captivated and located a one-day taster course with a Brighton glass artist to find out more. Thus was she completely hooked and joined a regular class at Richmond Adult College.
However, it was there, that she was introduced to a different process which she’s been obsessed with ever since i.e glass fusing. This entails assembling pieces of glass in a flat collage-style format, and heating to a very high temperature in a kiln, so that the glass softens and the pieces are fused together. Her favourite format is making glass pictures for wall hanging, but she also ‘slumps’ the flat pieces into moulds to form dishes, produces garden sculptures, tea-lights, pendants ….. This has kept her busy for the last 10 years, with a kiln of her own and a room in her apartment as a studio.
Her glass pictures have been exhibited and sold in the Mall Galleries, St James SW1, she sells at Merton Abbey Mills Market as well as other local fairs and has undertaken commissions for pictures of specified scenes.

Instagram: brendak142