I was born in Jamaica where did The Arts at St. Elizabeth Technical High School. After graduating I started an Art And Graphic Business without money or a set location. My tools were basic and could be carried in my pockets and hands, a mobile phone for communicating with customers, stencil knife and squeegee for tinting cars and windows, paints and brushes for doing commercial signs, and landscape paintings. Any and everywhere became my workspace, from my father’s veranda to under trees. Barbed wire fences became a roadside gallery, that hung paintings selling to tourists.

I joined the British Armed forces in 2004 as an infantry soldier. On operational duties in Iraq, my wife would send art material by mail. In my downtime I would capture on canvas paintings that tell stories, transporting artwork from side nettings of armoured vehicles which provide protection for them when moving camps. A dream was kept alive from the roadside galleries in Jamaica to surviving painting in a war zone, onto exhibitions in London.

I am presently writing songs and poems, also working on my first book including illustrations. I have never limit myself by fear, but driven by faith, believing that all things are possible and achievable if I work hard enough and see every obstacle as an opportunity.

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