Through my practice, it is my aim to capture the movement of running and inspire people to take on their marathon whatever that might be.

This chapter of my work starts in 2014 where I ran my first marathon. I injured myself and had to wobble the last five miles and over the finish line. From then I was hooked on long-distance running for many reasons and since then I have run six marathons.

I am a screen printer, printing on paper and a painter, mostly using acrylics on canvas. After that London marathon in 2014, I started to screen printing inspirational quotes and images. The idea was to sell these art prints to help raise further funds for a cancer charity. But with my passion for the work, many sells, and amazing feedback I continued to create these artworks.

When creating an artwork or working on a concept to inspire a viewer, it all starts with reflecting on my experiences, the tough experiences as well as the good. This helps me to create artwork that is honest and sincere and also relatable to other people who have shared similar experiences.

I have built a brand called Running Paint. I have recently been working with Virgin Sport at their Hackney half marathon hosting a screen-printing workshop, interactive art competition and displaying my artworks. I am also working with the London Marathon Events Ltd on next year’s London marathon expo and their new half marathon, The Big Half.