Eleanor Dare was born in South London in the 1960s. She has a degree in painting from Wimbledon School of Art as well as studying sound design and computer programming at the University of the Arts and Goldsmiths, Department of Computing. She is the Head of Programme for the MA Digital Direction at the Royal College of Art.

Eleanor’s practice addresses the limits of digital technologies as well as the ways in which human and machine memory are entangled. I’m also concerned about the rapid change to our London environment – does voracious housing development risk us forgetting our history and our diverse socio-economic communities? areas seem to be ever homogenised, where once there was significant diversity and the post-war dream of decent social housing, it looks like identikit housing blocks rise up, targeting affluent gym-goers or absent businessmen. My drawings can’t capture all of this complexity of change, but they try to document aspects of it.