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This is the chance for you to make your event shine and excite your audience. Our online form allows you to provide some basic details of your event such as what and when. It also allows you to provide pictures and video links to really excite visitors to your event page. Provide as much useful and exciting information as you can and then once submitted, the Festival team will come back to you.

There is a Q&A page that provides information to questions that are frequently asked. If all else fails, contact the Festival team directly.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the annual Streatham Festival in OctoberHowever, the current situation worldwide has affected all areas of our community and all aspects of our lives. Society as we know it has changed and who knows when things will get back to normal. However, that said, we still feel that there is still a lot to celebrate about Streatham.

There is a very strong creative community in Streatham and many of these people involved would see the Festival as an opportunity to showcase their artistic work. Unfortunately it is difficult to say at this stage what will happen in October, but in the meantime, we are going to work towards a ‘Virtual Festival‘ with some aspects of the Festival maybe taking on a more physical appearance nearer the time. Submissions are now open and we hope that as many people take part as they did last year, if not more. 

We are also delighted to be able to introduce the ‘StreatLit Fest’ , a celebration of literature as part of the Festival and hope that this is something that we can build on in years to come.  This year we are also looking to mark this moment in history, with ‘Lockdown in Streatham‘,  bringing together information gathered during this time. Be it photographs, poems, stories, music, anything creative that came about during this time of lockdown. As with the ‘Blue Hoarding Project’ that was completed last year, the Festival Board are committed to contributing something into the community that will continue for months and maybe years after the Festival finishes. 

Finally we would also like to support the Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre and their amazing campaign to bring the Streatham Hill Theatre back as an asset to the community. Please take some time to visit their website and where possible, please do show your support.  We hope that we can bring to you another successful festival to celebrate all that is great in Streatham.

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